Shangguan Binger fiercely on cheap nhl jerseys feet stepped on , this turned and ran in front of a house to go. Close the door until that moment , she could no longer bear , the beautiful Qiaolian happy, smiling tightly holding wooden arms . And her first silent tracking arrow -shaped condensate compared to beads which can be inlaid Italian Yufeng boots do not know how many times stronger . So , even being called so much sound Zhou Weiqing wife, she did not get angry . Shangguan Binger looked away, watching the wind Yu Zhou Weiqing smiled and said : . " Young age, so will grab the opportunity , little guy , you are very promising ." Zhou Weiqing exposing the brand of simple and honest smile, "senior flattering, just would like to thank seniors verbally help ." ABMEX laughed and said : "Nothing, I could not understand Huyan old man is not one or two days if cheap nhl jerseys free shipping original promise , I just do not want it here guarding this stingy is the first time you body beads . condensate -shaped bar. into it , I'll teach you how to use the scroll -shaped condensate . " Zhou Weiqing followed ABMEX walked into the room , the elegant main building with just different , nothing in this room , empty. Wind Yu said: " No way, Huyan too stingy old man sitting on the floor of the bar . ." Yi Yan Zhou Weiqing sitting on the ground , sat down across from him ABMEX , took his hand wooden box. Open the lid, Zhou Weiqing surprised to find that the so-called condensate is not a scroll -shaped , but a thick wad , the top one has an extremely complex pattern, vaguely can see , these patterns before the middle of the square table with his Overlord on the bow a bit to see that look. "So many ah ! " Zhou cheap nhl jerseys from china surprised Road . ABMEX said: . " Huyan before you hear the old man is not to say it to his master 's level , scroll -shaped condensate probability of success cheap nhl jerseys wholesale only one percent of it in fact , his master the most important criteria is that one hundred Pershing shaped spool will be successful once for a lower level of condensate formed division may hard to say . condensate stylist though profitable , but it is extremely difficult to practice , even if there is a space intended x¨Źng beads, also requires countless hard work . chance low condensate stylist who is rarely visited , so the number will be so little . "

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