For the Huyan former arrogant Christine proud Bo , Zhou Weiqing also surprised that he can feel the tension Shangguan Binger , will immediately recover the body of his natal beads . cheap nhl jerseys Shangguan Binger listened Huyan proud Bo , then God s┬ slightly relax a little , "the older generation , that What do you mean?" Huyan proud Bo sigh, said : "To be honest , this is our sad divisions condensate shape you should know that teachers must have a condensate -shaped space is x━ng, whether intended or beads beads division division, as long as a space is x━ng. it has become a division of the condensate may form . Yet, in the dark , light, life , space for four upper case x━ng , the most rare is the space is x━ng. especially space is x━ng of beads division , it is extremely rare So , now most of condensate shaped space division is but the views are x━ng beads division only. owned division of space is almost x━ng of beads shaped condensate will not choose to become teachers . " Slightly paused, Huyan cheap nhl jerseys from china Bo continued : . " Can I tell you a secret division of the level we are shaped condensate , condensate is produced according to the success rate and condensate shaped reel spool -shaped lowest quality to be evaluated , such as condensate stylist , scroll -shaped condensate success rate of less than one-thousandth , it is precisely because of this, only few people are willing to engage in the industry. even my master 's division produced a condensate -shaped condensate shaped scrolls, the probability of success is only only one percent , which is the limit I can do . only teacher -turned- condensate -shaped beads division, are likely to become even more powerful god guru shaped condensate division division level , which is also the biggest of my life the dream this dream I was playing cheap nhl jerseys free shipping to become, but I had enough theoretical knowledge , I hope my future disciples able to complete this wish for me . " Zhou Weiqing puzzled and said: "You do not want to accept me as a disciple , right ? " Huyan Bo proud face s┬ somewhat embarrassed , "We condensate shape this industry and other professional teacher is different . Disciples to find another job are the master , but we need to find the master disciple Space is x━ng of beads Shitai rare. look like you have no money, frankly, money is x━ng beads space division more rare. little brother , as long as you are willing to worship me as a teacher, I passed the mantle . condensate shaped reel prices are good discussion. not only do five thousands of gold coins , I sell you one hundred and fifty thousand , one cheap nhl jerseys paypal and fifty thousand gold coins you have not it? "

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